You’ve helped us grow over the last few years and once again, thanks so much for your help with everything,
(especially the website!) - you’re fabulous.
— Lara Molloy, Peak Appearance
Pask Winery was in the process of a major re-brand in late 2015 (first in 30 years), and as marketing manager I needed to secure a PR partner who could take our profile to the next level. After a poor (and extremely costly) experience with an Auckland-based firm, I was determined to partner with a local professional.

As a business we needed to tap into non-wine media with a consumer focus, and broaden our appeal to include a younger demographic. This was the extent of my brief to Sarah, and over the following months her insights, connections and ability to deliver was extraordinary.

Exceedingly down to earth, highly results oriented, I could not think of a better PR partner for the business.

Equally talented as a copy writer, Sarah has become an intrinsic part of the Pask business and I would not hesitate to recommend her. Plus, she digs red wine.
— Victoria Crowther, Pask Winery
The real advantage with Sarah is that I can put her in direct contact with my clients and she extracts what we need. She acts as a remote member of our team and carries the torch well. We’ve built a solid trust over the years and she understands our buzz. Sarah can adapt her delivery to suit different industry sectors - from professional services to dirt-under-the-fingernails agricultural business.
— Al Mackie, Band
As an interior feature writer, house scout and creative thinker, Sarah has over delivered as a contributor.
— Trudi Brewer, Editor - Simply You Living
Working with Sarah is always a seamless experience. Once briefed, I can be assured that she will complete whatever I’ve requested in the time frame that she’s promised, freeing me up to get on with other things! When it comes to PR, not only does she deliver in the areas agreed, but also thinks outside the box, considering all opportunities and ensuring maximum leverage of a story.
— Kate Scott, Cole Murray
Thank you for all your hard work it (the website) looks great, definitely a whole lot better than the last one.
— Hayden Senior, ParkLink
Great to see some quality journalism in the Bay.
— Susan McDade, Hastings City Marketing
Hi Sarah, I thought you did a great job getting a life into two pages! Lots of fabulous feedback so thank you!
— Eva Bradley, Photographer